Benkyokai and Handover Program Concluded

JUAAN organized a Benkyokai and handover program on 18th August, 2019 at Hotel Royal Singi, Kamaladi. It was combined with handover program to the newly elected 12th Executive Committee. Fifty JUAAN members joined the program. The program was organized in two sessions. In the first session, two eminent professors delivered lecture on the topics of human development and food habit. Prof. Dr. Nirmala Uprety, a Professor of Early Childhood Education at Padmakanya Campus, Tribhuvan University and retired recently after serving for 40 years in the university, delivered a lecture on “human development”. Her presentation focused on how human habits change along with physical changes in body across different stages of life, and how one can deal with that in better way. The second presentation on “food habit” by Prof. Dr. Manasha Thapa Thakurathi, shed light on how our food habits are changing over the years and highlighted some strategies for living healthy life. There was lively discussion after both presentations. The first part of the program was concluded along with releasing of JUAAN’s new publication “JUAAN Mirror”, which is expected to be a biennial publication of JUAAN in the years to come.

The second part of the program was focused on handover of JUAAN office to the newly elected 12th Executive Committee. In this part, Dr. Madhav Pokhrel, the head of election committee, introduced all newly elected Executive Members and felicitated with khada. It was followed by handover of the documents by President, General Secretary and Treasurer from the outgoing committee to the newly elected committee. After the completion of handover, outgoing president as well as incoming president delivered their remarks. Finally, the incoming president invited all the valuable members of JUAAN family for dinner.

A glimpse of Benkyokai –
a) Prof. Dr. Manasha Thapa delivering lecture;
b) Participants at the program; 
c) JUAAN outgoing president Mr. Manoj Giri handing token of appreciation to Prof. Dr. Nirmala Upreti;
d) Mr. Giri handing token of appreciation to Prof. Dr. Manasha Thapa
Newly elected 12th Executive Committee