Bal Bahadur Parajuli


Full name: Bal Bahadur Parajuli, Doctor of Engineering (PhD)
Permanent address: Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha
Contact address: Lalitpur Metropolitan City-2, Sanepa, Bijaya Basti
Phone number: + 977-9851182092
E-mail address:
Japanese University graduated from: Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University, Matsuyama

Subject of study: Water Environment and Development (Sediment/Hydraulic Engineering)

Study year: 1997-1998 (Research Student), 1998-2000 (MEng- Hydraulic Eng), 2000 – 2003 (Dr. Eng).

Brief experience in Japan: studied water resources and sediment hydraulic engineering. My thesis for PhD was “Reservoir sedimentation of sand-gravel mixture in steep slope channel.’ This has been always my privilege to get the opportunity with a prestigious Japanese government Scholarship (Mon-bu-shyo).

Contribution in JUAAN: Beside the regular activities concluded as a life member, Executive member (2005-2007), and President (2007-2009), followings are specific achievements:

  • successfully signed an agreement with JASSO for Education Fair (August 2008) with the full cooperation of Ms. Michiko Suzuki, the then Executive Director of Student Exchange Dept. of JASSO) and Prof. Dr. Yuriko SATO, TIT;
    fully cooperated in celebration of Golden Jubilee of Diplomatic Relation of Nepal-Japan as a coordinator for the seminar

Presidency year in JUAAN: 2007 -2009.

Past affiliations:
Senior Project Engineer (RRN/DfID CSP: 2004-2007); Visiting Researcher (Ehime University, 2006-2010); Deputy Team Leader (ADB/WUSC Skills Development Project: 2014-2015); Project Implementation Specialist (ADB/JFPR: 2016-2017); Deputy Team Leader (GEODATA/GON BheriBabai Diversion Multipurpose Project 48 MW. 51000 Ha irrigation: 2019-2021); Professor (HIST, 2015-onwards); Board Director (REMIT Hydro Ghinsha Khola HEP 77.5 Mw: 2021-onwards); and Research/study works.

Current affiliation:
Professor (HIST, 2015-onwards);
Board Director (REMIT Hydro, Ghunsha Khola HEP 77.5 Mw: 2021-onward)