Prof Dr Rameshwar Prasad Pokharel


Full Name: Prof Dr Rameshwar Prasad Pokharel, MBBS, FKCH, MS, PhD (Pediatric Surgeon)
Date of Birth: 30th Aug 1957.
Address: Jhamak Kumari Marg, Budhanilakantha Municipality 9, Kathmandu.
Tel: 014650330 , 9851964927.
Previous working institute: Tribhuvan Universisty, Institute of Medicine, Maharaj Medical Campus
Duration: 2036 BS to 2076 BS. (40 years of services)
Present working institute: Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital, Atterkhel, Jorpati, Gokerneshwar Municipality 8, Kathmandu.First Pediatric surgeon graduated from Japan.Affiliated institute in Japan: Kobe University , School of Medicine, Okurayama, Kobe, Japan.
Duration: 1991 -1997.JUSAN / JUAAN Contributions in Nepal:

  • Joined JUSAN, in 1997. and executive member, Joint secretory and Vice President..
  • Concept design for SAFJUAA (South Asian Federation of Japanese Universities Alumni Associations).
  • Constitution of SAFJUAA prepared.
  • Signatory (Founding) Member of SAFJUAA. I signed in the SAFJUAA constitution on be half of JUAAN.
  • First SAFJUAA conference held successfully in Nepal.
  • President JUAAN, 2011-2013.
  • I represented JUAAN to SAFJUAA meeting in Sri Lanka.
  • Established three hospitals out side Kathmandu through an NGO.
  • Award / Appreciation from Japanese Ambassador for the individual contribution to develop Japan -Nepal friendship strong and firm.
  • Kobe YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) recognition me as an extra ordinary activities done by Japan graduates in their own native country. Only six students from the world was selected an I was one of them.
  • JUAAN daily official activities and programs were conducted regularly as per scheduled.
  • Orientation and Japan study fair was conducted through JUAAN in our tenure.
  • Participated in JUAAN first Medical conference and JUAAN conference on Environmental changes in Himalayan Hotel Pulchok.
  • Imanishi Trust management and essay competition awards conducted smoothly.
  • Chagunarayan World Heritage site renovation and inauguration was also successfully done in our executive period.
  • JUSAN / JUAAN 100 years ceremony and Sakura plantation in Godawari, Dhulikhel, (Kathmandu University and Dhulikhel Hospital,) Japanese Embassy Pani pokhari and Ambassador’s resident Tahachal premises.

Many more other activities were done but recently they could not memorize at present.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any quarries please feel free to contact me any time.

Prof Dr. Rameshwar Prasad Pokharel
Prof in Pediatric Surgery , Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital, Atterkhel, Gokerneshwar Municipality 8, Kathmandu, Nepal.