Imanishi Trust Fellowship Distribution Cum JUAAN Annual Function

Imanishi Trust Fellowship DistributionCum JUAANAnnual Function(VIRTUAL)


Chief Guest H.E.Mr. KIKUTA Yutaka Sama

Hajime Mashitey and Welcome to Nepal.

First Secretary, Dr.Yuriko Akiyama Sama, ExecutiveCommittee MembersEx Presidents, Esteemed JUAAN Members, Ladies, and Gentleman.

It is my great pleasure and honor to extend warm welcome to H.E.  in this special event, Imanishi Trust

Fellowship Distribution Cum JUAAN Annual functions.  Owing to unprecedented pandemic crisis we are unable to meet and pay our respect to your Excellency physically. However, JUAAN is always keeping such respect in mind. Nepali students have a century old relationship with Japan and its people. The Government of Nepal sent a group of eight students to Japan in 1902. This important milestone initiation has created a history for 1) beginning of cultural exchange between two countries; 2) first Nepalese to land in Japan, and 3) first Nepalese to go abroad for higher studies. The next year 2022 is land marking the history on completion of 120 years of Nepali students in Japan. JUAAN will be very happy to celebrate this important event in coming year.

MEXT scholarship was started in 1957 and since then annually Nepalese student is receiving higher education opportunity and is supporting nation building through transferring the knowledge, technology and culture. All Nepalese students who have studied in Japan under either Monbukagakusho scholarships or non Monbukagakusho programs for more than one year are unifying under the umbrella of JUAAN and since its establishment in 1973 is receiving support continuously from Embassy of Japan. Your Excellency we feel proud on that JUAAN is the first Japan Alumni in South Asia and 2nd in whole Asia. JUAAN is also taking active initiation to organize the SAFJUAA South Asia Japan Alumni Association and hosted the first SAFJUAA meeting in 2005. JUAAN is managing the Sakai Lions Club & Imanishi Fellowship Trust, since last 24 years. The main aim of this trust is to promote the Nepal Japan relationships through publications, research and various promotional activities. In this year also, we have published the journal articles and expects that it will support to enrich the knowledge between two countries. I, would like to express since thanks to the Embassy of Japan, authors, and contributors.

The present executive committee was unable to organize more events physically, however, we put our efforts to organize Sakura plantation on the auspicious occasion of the 60th birthday of Emperor Naruhito. The series of talk programs on diverse thematic areas like current pandemic situation, Nagdhung Tunnel construction, social, cultural, tourism, related lectures were also organized. All these were possible due with the support of all our esteemed members, and Embassy of Japan.

I would like to express sincere thanks to Embassy of Japan, specially First secretary Dr. Akiyama sama,  for many valuable advices and cooperation. Similarly JUAAN senior member Mr. Harendra Barua  also equally deserves thanks for his continuous guidance.   I wish your excellency, all Japanese officials, and JUAAN members stay Safe and Healthy.

Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu. 

Dr. Prem Paudel, President, JUAAN

July 23, 2021