Dear Seniors, Colleagues and all the respectful members of JUAAN

JUAAN is a common platform for all of us whoever has graduated from any university of Japan. We might have different professional background and educational circumstances in Japan such as source of scholarship, environment etc. Whatever it is and however it is, we belong to a common group of alumni sharing not only common physical environment that we lived in but also common feeling that we have for Japan.

We are thankful to government of Japan for providing us logistics for our higher study there. We are more than thankful to people of Japan for helping and supporting us during our stay there and for making our livelihood better and more comfortable. We had one of the most wonderful and lively part of our life in Japan. Therefore, we are indebted to the people and government of Japan for whatever they did for us.

Now it’s our turn to return their favor to us in whatever way we can so that our friendship live long. It’s our responsibility to reciprocate their support so that a stronger bondage between our people and our nations can be produced.
What else can be better than JUAAN to promote Nepal-Japan friendship and who else can be better than us for this purpose? We are for this and JUAAN is a common platform.

Despite all the limitations and difficulties, JUAAN has passed not only years but decades serving and dedicating itself in the promotion of Nepal-Japan Friendship. We were the ones who made and maintained JUAAN active and lively so far.
All of us are aware of milestone of JUAAN. While moving ahead it not only faced problems but also solved them tactfully. There were not only hurdles but also breakthroughs on its way.

One of the breakthroughs we recently made was a permanent office of JUAAN. We are lucky enough to have Mr Himalaya Shamsher Rana, the great grandson of Mr Dev Shamsher Rana, who first sent Nepalese students to Japan in 1902 AD for higher study, to provide us the office room. Moreover, the office room is free of cost for long term. Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation goes to Mr Rana and his son Mr Amar Shamsher Rana for their generosity. We also appreciate the role of Mr Harendra B Barua for his coordination for this.

We are also delighted to announce that we have made sufficient amount in the Imanishi trust being deposited in a fixed account. The interest of this amount is a continuous source of fund which can be used in various JUAAN related activities.

Above matters are the permanent solution for JUAAN activities and thus we are now in much comfortable position.
Therefore, がんばりましょう! これからも よろしく おねがいします!!

Prabin Shrestha